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Centuries ago, it was  a  sacred island, known as "TAHA'A  MARAE  OF  FAR."  When  the  heroes fell  in battle, were transported in canoes  up its coast, from  where the souls flying to the original Havai'i large navigators "Maori". This is the sister island of Raiatea, as it is enclosed within the same lagoon. In  those  days,  was   not  yet  the  island  of  VANILLA,

 whose sweet scent now pervades the mountains and villages. The cultivation of their sheaths, are today and important

part of the activity of its 4,470 inhabitants.

Tahaa, remains  the  magical  island.  Disguised  under  the  coconut  trees  and covered  with flowers,  a route of

about 70 km.  Toured the  entire coast.  Its  lagoon is  the best color shade  of  sapphire and emerald, and is a haven

for diving, snorkeling and sailing.  Communicated to the open sea by two broad  steps frequented by  dolphins blue.  

The transportation  to the island, are always in Barco, and emerging from Tahiti. They do several different companies, 

and  generally make about three trips a  week.

Most of these companies offer interisland voyages (Huahine, Raiatea, Taha'a, Bora-Bora) with two or three rotations

fortnightly.  Another good way to visit these islands is via a cruise several days (between 7 and 12 days) made by

several companies.








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